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What type of rapid test will be taken and how does it work?

Our rapid test is a nasopharynx (nasal swab) lateral flow diffusion antigen test (ALLTEST SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test). 

The lateral flow / diffusion rapid test gives a result in less than an hour, because they don't have to be sent to a lab to be processed.


Does your rapid test meet UK Government requirements for entry to the UK from Gibraltar?

Yes, our rapid test meets UK Government guidelines for international travellers entering the UK from Gibraltar.  We are the recommended HM Government of Gibraltar rapid testing service.

For a summary of the testing and isoltaion requirements for Gibraltar visit the Gibraltar Tourism COVID-19 Information at


How does the rapid (lateral flow) test work?

Rapid lateral flow testing involves a swab of the nose to collect a sample, which is then inserted into a tube of liquid for a short time.  Drops of liquid (extraction solution) are added to the test strip and a result is shown in as little as 20 minutes.

Within 30 min to 60 min you will be sent an SMS message (to your phone) notifying you that an email has been sent to you with your test result and certificate.

1. Nasal swab collection

2. Specimen added to extraction tube

3. Drops of extraction solution added to the test strip

4. Test result and certificate sent within 30 to 60 minutes

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